Friday, September 24, 2010

High Fashion: Robots in Disguise!

I'm thinking this might get a little uncomfortable.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jersey Shore goes back in time

I don't even watch the original show but man this is funny.

Gotta love a Jersey girl in colonial drag.

Salma Hayek and Jimmy Kimmel, with love

'Love' Hurts (cost of romance); an article

Saw this on the news and thought to share it.

The price of love? Losing two of your closest friends

Click the link for the article about the study; also to see a message board of reader opinions.

'Falling in love comes at the cost of losing close friends, because romantic partners absorb time that would otherwise be invested in platonic relationships, researchers say.

A new partner pushes out two close friends on average, leaving lovers with a smaller inner circle of people they can turn to in times of crisis, a study found.

The research, led by Robin Dunbar, head of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University, showed that men and women were equally likely to lose their closest friends when they started a new relationship.

Previous research by Dunbar's group has shown that people typically have five very close relationships – that is, people whom they would turn to if they were in emotional or financial trouble.

"If you go into a romantic relationship, it costs you two friends. Those who have romantic relationships, instead of having the typical five 'core set' of relationships only have four. And of those, one is the new person who's come into their life," said Dunbar.

The study, submitted to the journal Personal Relationships, was designed to investigate how people trade off spending time with one person over another and suggests that links with family and closest friends suffer when people start a romantic relationship.

Dunbar's team used an internet-based questionnaire to quiz 428 women and 112 men about their relationships. In total, 363 of the participants had romantic partners. The findings suggest that a new love interest has to compensate for the loss of two close friends.

Speaking at the British Science Festival in Birmingham, Professor Dunbar said: "This was a surprise for us. We hadn't expected it.

"If you don't see people, your emotional engagement with them drops off and does so quickly. What I suspect is that your attention is so wholly focused on the romantic partner you don't get to see the other folks you had a lot to do with before, and so some of those relationships start to deteriorate."
The questionnaire allowed people to mention whether any of their closest confidants were "extra romantic partners". In all, 32 of those quizzed mentioned having an extra love interest in their life, but these people did not lose four friends as might be expected. Instead, the extra person in their life bumped their original romantic partner out of their innermost circle of friends.

In a separate study, Dunbar's team looked at how men and women maintained friendships on the social networking website Facebook. They found that women's Facebook friends were more often friends from everyday life that they spent time with, while men tended to collect as many friends as they could, even if they hardly knew them.

"Boys seem to be in a competition to see who can have the most Faccebook friends and that could be a form of mate advertisting. One of the cues women use for male quality as a mate is the number of other girls chasing them, so signing up lots of girls as Facebook friends seems to be a good idea," said Dunbar.'

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Schools kill creativity?

 Guys, I thought I would post something for those of you who are anti-panty. Or would rather amuse yourselves with something more intelligent.

The Late Morning Chronicle

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:02:47 PM] Lolly: I made a blog this morning

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:02:51 PM] Jandro: hai ;D

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:03:11 PM] Lolly:

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:04:24 PM] Jandro: lollygag guild!

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:04:26 PM] Lolly: yes

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:04:30 PM] Lolly: like lollipop guild

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:04:31 PM] Lolly: but not

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:04:37 PM] Jandro: rofl

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:04:38 PM] Lolly: it just came to me this morning

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:05:00 PM] Lolly: I love how it means either to like,

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:05:03 PM] Lolly: slack off or have sex

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:05:09 PM] Lolly: that should be two of everyone's favorite things

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:05:19 PM] Jandro: it totally is. :-P

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:05:35 PM] Lolly: like i just thought lollygag sounded funny and like lollipop

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:05:42 PM] Lolly: but i didnt know what it meant so i looked it up

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:05:51 PM] Lolly: then i screenshotted it to my blog lol

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:06:02 PM] Lolly: this was After i put my undies on sideways D:

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:07:32 PM] Jandro: =-O Why'd you put them on sideways! omgah!

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:08:36 PM] Lolly: It was a black cotton thong from Victoria's Secret and I was
getting dressed in the dark after getting up late and I was in a hurry

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:08:47 PM] Lolly: I couldn't tell which way was up

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:08:59 PM] Lolly: but really I mixed up the hip lace strap with the bum floss?

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:09:09 PM] Jandro: rofl

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:09:09 PM] Lolly: I know, I know.

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:09:12 PM] Jandro: i'm sorry. but.

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:09:13 PM] Lolly: NO EXCUSES

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:09:14 PM] Lolly: D:

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:09:19 PM] Jandro: no excuses and.

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:09:22 PM] Jandro: that is cute as hell. rofl.

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:09:41 PM] Lolly: Yeah I thought to share this moment of lolly history with the world.

 [Thu Sep 16 2010 04:09:51 PM] Jandro: Because now, it was unavoidable. but I totally got the image of lolly bouncin' around the room putting her undies on the wrong way. o/

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:11:45 PM] Lolly: LOL

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:13:24 PM] Lolly: I was wondering why they only covered like

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:13:28 PM] Lolly: the inner thigh

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:13:33 PM] Lolly: I kept trying to shift them in place

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:13:35 PM] Lolly: I was like

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:13:37 PM] Lolly: GO GO GO GO GO!!

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:13:40 PM] Lolly: but they wouldn't go!!

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:13:43 PM] Lolly: and I was like

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:13:45 PM] Lolly: Noooooooo!!!

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:13:47 PM] Lolly: WHYYYYYYY

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:14:07 PM] Jandro: roooooofl

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:14:09 PM] Jandro: ahh

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:14:11 PM] Jandro: i'm dyin'

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:14:30 PM] Lolly: So then it occurs to me

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:14:31 PM] Jandro: you were all exposed for putting them on wrong. and then you couldn't figure it out

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:14:33 PM] Jandro: wins! :-P

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:14:48 PM] Lolly: like

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:14:50 PM] Lolly: Ooooh.

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:14:59 PM] Lolly: I'm staring at the answer right between my knees

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:15:03 PM] Lolly: I put them on the wrong way.

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:15:08 PM] Lolly: I put them on SIDEWAYS

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:15:12 PM] Jandro: rofl. wait a second!

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:15:23 PM] Jandro: you.. left yourself exposed and went to school with them on the wrong way?

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:15:29 PM] Jandro: likeee. f this. im dones! ;p

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:15:29 PM] Lolly: exposed?

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:15:31 PM] Lolly: I put on pants!

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:15:39 PM] Lolly: over top of the sideways underpants!

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:15:40 PM] Jandro: well :-P yeah

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:15:56 PM] Jandro: i don't expect peopel to

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:15:58 PM] Lolly: but yeah they were like half on half off

. [Thu Sep 16 2010 04:16:02 PM] Jandro: go to school in their undies. if that was the case

 [Thu Sep 16 2010 04:16:03 PM] Lolly: under my pants :(

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:16:12 PM] Jandro: I think i'd go back to school for my M.D

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:16:16 PM] Jandro: 8 years of that. o/

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:16:17 PM] Jandro: :-P

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:16:21 PM] Lolly: LOL

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:16:38 PM] Lolly: Dr. Panty Peeper =P

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:17:05 PM] Jandro: I don't knoww. I've seen some scary panties in my day. You see the weirdest shit as a paramedic :-P

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:17:14 PM] Lolly: Mine were cute.

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:17:16 PM] Lolly: They were just on wrong.

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:17:23 PM] Jandro: and that made it cuter

[Thu Sep 16 2010 04:17:25 PM] Jandro:  <3 promise.

You know you're tired when...

Dear Diar-Blogger-y,

this morning I woke up at 5:30 and managed to put my underwear on sideways.

. . .No, it was NOT intentional.

. . . Yes, I was very tired.